How to Set Up Macard WiFi Extender –

Internet dead zones in the house can be headache! Transform them into fun zones with Macard WiFi extender. Just a few steps to be followed in order to couple it with an existing router and your home network will get a new life. This page will particularly reveal how to set up Macard WiFi extender with the help of a PC as well as mobile phone.

Macard WiFi Extender PC Setup

Setting up a Macard WiFi extender with the help of a PC will require you to visit a web address with the syntax – Therefore, if you are someone who is interested in setting up the extender with the help of a PC, you can rely on the steps highlighted below:

  • Get into the room where you have plugged your WiFi router.
  • Connect your Macard WiFi extender to the nearest socket.
  • You can now turn on the extender with the upward flick of the switch labeled “ON/OFF”.
  • You need to now activate the Macard extender.
  • For this, press the Reset button for 15 seconds and your extender will reboot in 10 seconds.
  • Now, go to the PC WiFi settings and turn on the WiFi utility.
  • Locate the network name “Wi-Fi Extender” and select it.
  • Click Connect

Note: In case you own a PC that does not have WiFi Settings, use an Ethernet cable to link your PC to the Macard WiFi range extender.

The Macard WiFi range extender will now broadcast a new network name with “-plus” as a suffix to your existing home network. Let us say, if your home network name is ABC, the Macard extender network name will be ABC-plus. However, the WiFi password of the extender will be as same as the router’s WiFi password.

Avoid This!

It is never advised to run an Ethernet cable from the main router to the Macard WiFi range extender. It can result in IP address conflict. However, you have a choice to connect your PC and Macard device via an Ethernet cable.

Macard WiFi Extender Setup via Phone

You can consider setting up the Macard WiFi range extender using a mobile phone if you don’t have a PC. The best part is that you can make the extender up and running even with the help of a QR code here. However, we still recommend you using the IP or the web URL Here’s how to set up the extender using a mobile phone:

  • Keep the Macard extender into the same room as your main WiFi router.
  • Flick the “ON/OFF” switch to the ON position after connecting the extender to the power outlet.
  • Now, open your mobile settings and turn off the cellular data.
  • Open WiFi and connect to the network named “Wi-Fi Extender”.
  • Load the default web browser and visit
  • You can also scan the Macard WiFi extender setup QR code.
  • Tap LOGIN and let the system scan all the available networks.
  • Select the name of the existing WiFi network and input the WiFi password.
  • Be very careful while entering the password.
  • Tap Save Setting.
  • The extender will reboot indicating that the setup process has been completed.
Macard WiFi Extender Setup via Phone

Do Not Forget to Relocate!

No matter whether you set up the extender using a mobile phone or via a computer, you will have to relocate the extender. Ensure that you keep the extender halfway between the main WiFi router and the area that receives poor internet signals.

How to Reset Macard WiFi Extender?

The Macard WiFi extender reset process includes a few steps that have been mentioned below. You can go for a factory default reset if Macard WiFi extender does not work properly.

As soon as your Macard WiFi extender resets, you will have to set it up once again using a mobile phone or PC.

Macard WiFi Range Extender – FAQs

1. Does Macard extender increase internet speed?

No, its only purpose is to improve the wireless network range.

2. What is the WiFi password of Macard range extender?

The WiFi password is as same as the home router.

3. Does the extender work with the 5GHz frequency?

No, the Macard WiFi range extender works with 2.4 GHz frequency only.

4. What is the default WiFi name of Macard extender?

The default WiFi name is “Wi-Fi Extender”.

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