Wavlink AP.Setup

Unable to Access AP.SETUP?

Because of the issue where you see “ap.setup not working” on webpage, are you facing difficulty while accessing your Wavlink Wireless Range Extender? A few factors might have contributed to this issue. Some of them have been mentioned here:

  • You have entered the wrong web address.
  • An outdated web browser is being used by you.
  • Ap.setup is entered in the search bar.
  • Your system is infected with viruses.
  • There is too less distance between the extender and the router.
  • WiFi interference can also cause the ap.setup not working issue.

Follow the solutions mentioned further and learn how to access the web address of your Wavlink wireless range extender with ease.

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How to Access Ap.setup Without Facing Any Issues?

Check the Web Address

Before you do anything else to troubleshoot the ap.setup not working issue, check whether you have entered the correct Wavlink login address or not. In case, you have not, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind while entering it again:

  • There should be no typing errors in the entrée as one character is enough to display those results in front of you that you do not want.
  • Ensure that you cross-check the web address before proceeding with the Wavlink login process. In case the ap.setup still does not work for you, keep reading.
Check the Web Address

Update Google Chrome

Another reason why you are unable to access the web address of your extender is that you forgot to update your internet browser. In this case, you need to update it right away. Below, we have specifically mentioned how you can update Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome on your desktop and load the drop-down menu by clicking on the THREE VERTICAL DOTS in the upper-right corner of the browser.
  • Select > Settings > About Chrome > Update Google Chrome >Re-launch. Now, wait for some time so that your internet browser can finish getting updated.
Update Google Chrome

Use the Address Bar Only

You might have noticed that accessing a website is peculiarly easy as compared to doing the same with the help of a search bar. This is because it restricts the access to certain websites. Chances are you have found the third reason why you are here. Below is what you can do:

  • Enter ap.setup in the address bar or URL field of the internet browser.
  • Press the Enter key or click on the Enter button.
Use the Address Bar Only

Install the Antivirus App

In case you are still stuck with the ap setup not working issue, then it is because your computer is infected with viruses. To get them removed, it is recommended that you install an antivirus app on your PC. Some examples include:

  • McAfee Antivirus Plus
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
Install the Antivirus App

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Keep Devices at Some Distance

Too less distance between the networking devices, i.e. the Wavlink range extender and the host router can make it difficult for the signals emitted from them from getting transmitted properly. To avoid this from happening further, here is what should be done:

  • Keep the extender and the router close to each other.
  • Avoid placing them too far from each other however as well.
Keep Devices at Some Distance

Relocate the Range Extender

The last thing that can be done to access the ap.setup Wavlink login is to change the location of your wireless range extender. This is because the signals of your extender are getting messed up because of the existence of electronic devices near it. Also, keep it away from:

  • Metal objects
  • Reflexive surfaces

By any chance, if everything refuses to work for you, access the instead of ap.setup web address. You might get luck this time in logging into your extender.

How to Access Wavlink Extender IP Address?

The steps to access the IP address are similar to that of accessing ap.setup. But, to ensure that you do not confused, here are the instructions that you should follow:

  • Switch on your PC and connect it to the network of the extender.
  • In the URL bar, enter
  • Press the Enter key and wait for the login window to open.
  • Enter the password as admin in case you have not changed it.
  • Hit Login. Soon you will be logged in to your networking device using the IP address.

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